TESLA++M – What can children achieve after land auctioning lesson?

Tesla Education 13 Aug, 2020 2:51 am

In primary school, Tesla focuses on developing self-awareness for your children. With the TESLA ++ M program, we aim to help them effectively identify and absorb useful knowledge as well as practical skills. In detail, this program concentrates on 6 fields: Science – Technology, English, Sports, Life Skills, Visual Arts, Applied Mathematics.

The Land Auctioning Lesson is created to give students room to think, measure, negotiate, and discuss to purchase the land they like most. In general, the whole team gives the price then the leader closes the deal. They need to ensure that the excess money is enough to buy materials for the next lessons.

How is the Land Auctioning Lesson at Tesla?

A class will be divided into 5 groups, about 4-5 members per team.

Initial budget: about 80 billion for auction.


– Groups will compete with each other to buy the good land where a stall will be established at the Closing Ceremony session.

– Teacher will choose the land for auction by random lottery.

– The team offering a higher price will get the land.

– After buying the land, the team will be given a certificate of land ownership.

Thanks to group activities, the students will be more open, friendly, and confident to communicate with their peers. Moreover, they can also actively practice discussing and develop their negotiation skill. Fast calculating and cashflow management ability are also improved through this lesson.

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