Tesla students excited about Halloween

Tesla Education 23 Oct, 2021 2:05 pm

HALLOWEEN October’s Spirit Day took place with extreme fun and excitement during Tesla Education’s online Halloween festival. With its uniqueness and mystery, Halloween is the exciting event that Tesla students have always been looking forward to. 

Halloween festival celebrated online by Tesla Education

Halloween – Tesla Education’s October Spirit Day 

In Halloween costumes, Tesla students have created an epic costume competition for the online Halloween party. Using cosplay skills, students have “transformed” into many impressive characters such as Death, ghosts, witches,… Not only students but teachers also participated in the competition. The top three awards for the three most voted costumes have also identified their owners. Congratulations! 

The three most voted costumes for Tesla Education’s Halloween

Tesla students in Halloween costume competition

The positive meaning of celebrating Halloween for students 

The activities of dressing up, playing games not only create a vibrant learning atmosphere but also an opportunity for students to learn about a famous traditional festival of Western countries, associated with many interesting stories. 

Create a fun playground for students

Building exciting learning activities is one of Tesla’s key goals to create a positive learning environment, especially during online learning. In the face of obstacles in homeschooling, group and extracurricular activities such as Halloween festival have provided children with a comfortable, fun playground and encouraged the spirit of learning for them. 

Help students learn the origins and meanings of Halloween 

Participating in Halloween is also an opportunity for students to expand their understanding when learning about the culture of countries around the world. Halloween takes place with a lot of unique, even bizarre customs such as costumes, lantern decorations, fire lighting, Trick-or-Treat games,… I’m sure everyone enjoys attending. 

The games helped students learn about Halloween and the culture of countries around the world

Sparking imagination and creativity in students 

Tesla Education’s Halloween costume competition has received the support and participation from many students. Students are free to create their own personal image. Bizarre, mysterious and somewhat creepy costumes have created a true Halloween festival. 

Funky, hilarious are the emotions that linger after Tesla Education’s online Halloween festival. Not only did students have fun with their friends, they are also more active in learning, being more creative and promoting the team spirit through school-wide activities. It is also the foundation for every Tesla student to confidently integrate into the world. 


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