Winter Concert 2022 – “This Time Of Year”

Tesla Education 20 Dec, 2022 10:05 am

As a meaningful annual event of Tesla Education, the “This Time Of Year” Winter Concert has left a deep impression on everyone. All performances were conducted by primary students and teachers from coming up with ideas, and rehearsing to performing.

Their hard work and effort after weeks of preparation have been honored with big rounds of applause, delight in the eyes, and bright smiles on the faces of parents, teachers, and participants. Whether it was the rhythmic song or beautiful piano sound, melodious flute, or bustling drum beat, Tesla students tried their best and brought a lot of emotions to everyone.

Not only a music space, but This Time Of Year is also a gathering place of love and sharing. The students and teachers practiced, cooperated, and exceeded their limits to show their best performance. Thereby, they are more attached to each other and more confident when appearing on the big stage. This music party would not last long but was full of feelings and fun.

Trường quốc tế Tesla winter concert

Finally, Tesla Education would like to give a special appreciation to our Music Teacher. The enthusiasm and love of music will become the inspiration to nurture the dreams and talents of the students.

The Winter Concert “This Time Of Year” touched the emotions of each individual. A warm and bustling Christmas atmosphere surrounded Tesla and followed the students back to their homes. 

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