Celebrate Moon Festival at Tesla Education

Tesla Education 14 Sep, 2022 11:29 am

Excited about the Moon Festival,  Tesla Education students actively participated in activities to welcome a warm and meaningful moon season with friends and teachers. That helps them to create fond memories of a happy childhood with Tesla.

Tết Trung thu Trường Quốc tế Tesla

To bring all students a joyful holiday, the school has thoughtfully planned the organization of the Tesla Happy Moon Festival. The school campus has colorful flags, flowers, and shimmering traditional lanterns decorated by the children. Before the festival, the children sat together and worked hard to decorate each lantern. The students were offered the award for their most beautiful lantern.

The teacher marks the lantern decoration contest

Students and teachers gathered in the bustling space to welcome the moon season in August. Together they sang, danced, and competed in puzzles. In particular, the Moon Festival is more exciting with the lion dance in the bustling drumbeat. Following each graceful and skillful footstep of the lion dances were the cheers and shouts of encouragement of Tesla students. All have created a warm and full of laughter traditional festival space.

Tesla students show their talents through performances and playing puzzle games

Moon Festival becomes phenomenal with the bustling lion dance

Moreover, in decorating the Moon Festival tray with well-coordinated teamwork between teachers and students, the classes arranged the trays to be beautiful, funny, and meaningful. Everyone had a party together, sharing the sweet cakes of love. The Moon Festival has thus become a significant opportunity for children to learn and love more about the beauty of the nation’s traditional culture. Collective activities also help students connect and share; respect their friends, teachers, and people around them.

Moon Festival tray decoration

Tesla students marching around the schoolyard

The Moon Festival 2022 at Tesla Education took place and ended with valuable memories for all students. They not only have fun and enjoy the warmth of love but also learn how to share and care. Nurturing students’ pride in their home language and culture is the goal that Tesla Education always pursues, as well as the essential orientation of the International Baccalaureate Organization (IBO) in preserving the value of the culture of each nation.


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