Tuition Fee of International Early Years schools in HCM

Tuition Fee of International Early Years schools in HCM

Today, many parents do not hesitate to invest in sending their children to study in the international environment right from the Early Years with the desire for their children to have the earliest access to modern education methods. Students will then be able to develop comprehensively in terms of knowledge, personality, and physique to have a solid foundation for higher education levels. So what is the tuition fee for International Early Years schools in HCM? 

Each family will have their own budget and criteria when choosing an International early years school for their children. If the parents are looking for a modern learning environment that gives their children the freedom to develop with a budget of about 150,000,000 VND/year, this article will help you. 

Tesla Early Years Education 

Tesla Early Years Education has 2 campuses: 

  • Tan Binh Campus: 171b Hoang Hoa Tham, Ward 13, Q. Tan Binh, Ho Chi Minh City.
  • Phu Nhuan Campus: Golden Mansion, 119 Pho Quang, Phu Nhuan, Ho Chi Minh City.

Tesla Early Years Education was established in 2015. The school has gained the trust of parents thanks to positive changes from their children, professional and loving teachers, scientific teaching methods; especially modern training programs, with a creative combination between Eastern and Western education. 

Tesla Education offers a sense of security and comfort from the first time parents come. Tesla Early Years Education has a spacious and airy campus with plenty of outdoor space, suitable for all students from 18 months to 5 years of age. State-of-the-art, fully-furnished classrooms; spacious, covered outdoor football fields and playgrounds, and plenty of dedicated student experience areas. 

Tuition Fee of International Early Years schools in HCM

Tesla Early Years students learn survival underwater skills

Tuition fee at Tesla Early Years Education

According to the survey, the tuition fee for International early years schools in HCM will be VND 100 million or more per year. Tesla Education tuition fee is no exception.

Parents can click here for more details : school fees

In order to create the best development conditions for children as well as for parents to work with peace of mind, Tesla Early Years Education also provides additional services such as school buses and meals. The quality of teaching and progress in learning and development of students is the basis for affirming the reputation of Tesla Education, making the tuition fees of International early years in HCM City reasonable.

Tuition Fee of International Early Years schools in HCM

Children are focused on developing technological skills when studying at Tesla Early Years Education

The values Tesla Early Years Education brings to students   

When choosing an International Early Years school for their children, tuition fee is part of the parents’ concern. Therefore, the values that the students receives are what we expect from the school. So is the tuition of Tesla Early Years Education worth it?

In terms of knowledge: International standard curriculum

At Tesla Early Years Education, students study the TESLA+M program (International Baccalaureate IB Programme) , building the foundation of knowledge in 6 areas: Science – Technology, English, Sports, Life Skills, Art & Architecture, Mathematics. In particular, English is integrated in all areas with the students learning with native teachers, creating a natural English learning environment with high interaction. 

Tuition Fee of International Early Years schools in HCM

Tesla Early Years Education students learn English with native speakers

In terms of skills: Educational methods to help children develop to the fullest 

Project-based Learning is a teaching and learning method applied at Tesla Early Years Education. This method focuses on helping students develop to the fullest, motivating them to actively explore and solve problems. The teacher acts as a facilitator for the child. This not only contributes to eliciting the potential inherent in children but also helps children develop their thinking abilities, creativity, analytical and problem-solving skills, etc. 

Tuition Fee of International Early Years schools in HCM

Fashion show in the project “Protecting the environment”

Physical: Focus on developing stature and scientific nutrition 

At Tesla Early Years Education, children focus on physical training and improving motor skills with 10 sports in Multi-sports program such as football, basketball, tennis, golf, cricket, hockey, T-ball,… The sports program is fully equipped with age-appropriate equipment and safe for young children. 

Tuition Fee of International Early Years schools in HCM

Golf – One of ten Tesla Early Years sports

At the same time, the diet is also prioritized by Tesla Education with a scientifically formulated menu that not only meets the daily dietary needs of children but also ensures strict food hygiene and safety. The food is changed daily to bring enjoyment to your children during mealtime so they can absorb nutrients better. 

The total number of students per class at Tesla Education is no more than 21 and is managed and taught by 2-3 teachers to ensure the best possible care. In addition to the qualification requirements, Early Years teachers must regularly attend professional and skills training sessions during their time at the school. 

The tuition fees of International Early Years schools in HCM such as Tesla Education are relatively high but many parents still select them for their children. It shows that the above tuition is fully worthy of the quality of education, the learning environment and, most importantly, the children’s everyday love of school.

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