The enthusiasm of Tesla “athletes” in “Sports Day”

Tesla Education 7 Dec, 2022 11:07 am

As one of Tesla’s annual events, “Sports Day” offers an opportunity for students to showcase their House team spirit and athletic potential.

This year, Tesla’s “athletes” competed together in many competitions, including Relay running; Hurdle racing; Dodgeball; Tug of war; Frisbee throwing; Treasure finding, and Water polo. The “Sports Day” took place a full day with the utmost efforts of all members to bring victory to their House team.

By competing in many healthy physical activities or sports that require high teamwork skills and individual responsibility, students have the opportunity to promote their cooperation and many other social skills. The sporting atmosphere is “passionate” with constant cheering and smiles on the faces of all students and teachers.

Prizes for the Home teams were given at the end of the day, right after finishing all activities. They were actually eager and excited shown on their faces. The ultimate victory for all students is the spirit of fair play and solidarity to overcome all challenges together.

Hopefully, Sports Day will create a sports spirit in them and they will always eagerly wait to attend the sports competition yearly so that all members can show their abilities.

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