Tesla Summer Camp – Astronomy Camp at school

Tesla Education 19 Jul, 2022 11:48 am

Following the activities under the theme Explore the universe at Tesla Summer Camp, the astronomy camping night at the school brought students plenty of unforgettable experiences with their friends and teachers. The distant universe comes to life through explorations of the solar, lunar, and start systems.

Tesla Summer Camp - Astronomy Camp at school

Getting excited right before the camping night, the children created and decorated the tent with the constellation name of their choice. It may be the first experience for some of them. Camping night is an opportunity for children to demonstrate their independence, know how to cooperate with others, improve team spirit and integrate well into a new environment.

Setting up and decorating a tent

Showing ingenuity in the baking contest

In the evening, students participated in a workshop to learn about astronomy. Delighted and focused eyes were evident on their faces as students learned about astronomical phenomena and planets. Smiles, and enthusiasm when participating in games and overcoming challenges with team members, created unforgettable moments.

Thinking challenges through astronomy games

The most exciting thing was when they learned about the structure and how to use the telescope to observe the Moon, the Sun, or distant objects. The universe has many mysteries waiting for us to discover. And that is also the inspiration for them to actively learn, make efforts continuously, and know how to share their knowledge with everyone.

Learn how to use a telescope

With only a short night of camping, Tesla Education has seen progress through what the children have shown. A meaningful summer filled with learning and playing experiences encourages children to develop the skills and knowledge they need for their future. Not only in the theme “Explore the Universe” but in the STEAM education approach is applied by Tesla School throughout the summer camp and the main course. That helps students gain interest in learning, be sharper in thinking, and have a well-grounded foundation to become global citizens. 


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