Tesla Education Sports Day 2022

Tesla Education 6 May, 2022 2:22 pm

The atmosphere at TESLA PRIMARY SPORTS DAY 2022 was filled with excitement. They also learned valuable teamwork skills when participating in games requiring collaboration and support in teams or as partners. 

Tesla students are excited at Sports Day

Phoenix, Dragon, Tiger, Buffalo – 4 House Teams with 4 unique T-shirt colors have created a special and exciting Sports Day at Tesla Education. The members of the House Team are from multiple classes of many ages. Team spirit and teamwork are always shown very clearly in sports activities to conquer each challenge.  

4 House Teams with 4 unique T-shirt colors at Sports Day 

Sports Day provided many useful opportunities for students to take part in sports activities and movement games that require collaboration such as tug-of-war, pentathlon, football, javelin throwing, etc. The atmosphere on the field was bustling with cheers and laughter on the faces of all students and teachers. 

Sports promote the holistic development of well-being and mental health

Sports Day is organized annually by Tesla School to encourage students to develop their physical strength and lead a healthy lifestyle; At the same time, it gave them a chance to experience a fun and comfortable day after hard-working hours at school.

Sports Day was a happy and memorable time for students and teachers 

Sports training and physical improvement are important goals in the educational program at TESLA EDUCATION. Sports not only help children build a healthy lifestyle but also develop cooperation and communication skills, build positive interpersonal relationships, and create a holistic development of well-being and mental health. 


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