Tesla Education Book Week – Theme “Fairy Tales”

Tesla Education 8 Mar, 2022 11:18 am

Inspired by Fairy Tales, TESLA BOOK WEEK took place from February 28 to March 4, 2022, with many exciting activities such as: 

– Mystery readers 

– Bookmarks 

– Role-play 

– Tell/write a fairy tale 

– Door decoration 

– Dress-up assembly 

Fairy Tales portray real moral lessons through characters and virtue shown in the stories. They captivate the imagination of young minds and enhance their creativity. 

Tesla Education Book Week - Theme “Fairy Tales”

Write a fairy tale in Tesla Book Week  

Tesla students are “creating their own fairy tales” step by step as a way to unleash the power of their imagination in each word and picture. It is one of many exciting activities at Book Week. Through writing and drawing, students develop thinking skills and expand their knowledge bank of vocabulary words, stimulating creativity and relaxing. 

Explore magical worlds of books

Nurturing a passion for reading is considered a great way to motivate them to self-study and pursue their dreams. Exciting activities with Tesla Librarian Teacher will foster a passion for exploring the world through books in students. Not only happening during Book Week, but many helpful experiences at the Library are also ready for them.

Tesla Education Book Week - Theme “Fairy Tales”

Tesla Book Week Summary 

Book Week closed with activities of summarizing and awarding prizes to outstanding classes and students and organizing the exhibition of their unique works.

Last but not least, Tesla School hopes that our students keep their love of reading and consider books as their close friends to broaden their horizons and gradually become more mature.


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