STEM Week 2023 with the theme “Earth Shattering Events”

Tesla Education 30 Mar, 2023 2:49 pm

STEM Week 2023 at Tesla Education was a huge success, with the theme ofEarth Shattering Events. This is an annual event that celebrates Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math. It is a week-long celebration and an opportunity for students to engage with the fascinating world of science in a fun, experience, and interactive manner. 

Exciting projects and activities at STEM Week

They investigated into the geological history of the Earth, examined the impact of natural phenomena on our planet, and used Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math to come up with solutions to some of the world’s most pressing challenges.

STEM Week was packed with exciting projects and activities that allowed students to explore the theme of “Earth Shattering Events” from different angles. Students have completed inspiring science projects such as: 

Grade 1: Students learned about tornadoes and do tornado experiments.

Grade 2: Students built a river sample and monitored how changes in water flow impacted the river-bed, deposited materials, and flooding. They also created mini rain gardens with potting soil to filter out pollution and reduce runoff.

Grade 3: Students engineered windproof houses using paper models to survive a windstorm while investigating ways to measure the speed of the wind using an anemometer.

Grade 4: Students collected volcanic activity data and mapped it while modeling a landslide, and investigating how changes in friction could impact the angle of repose, and more.

Grade 5: Students built scale models of structures and tested them for stability in windy conditions. They also proposed budget-friendly plans to prevent flooding in a coastal town while saving historic buildings.

Grade 6: Students used an online mapping tool to explore earthquake data. They also modeled a tsunami and created innovative structures that could reduce the effect of incoming waves.

STEM week closed with T Challenge and SEM exhibits, presenting coding projects, learning how to survive disasters, and awarding students who were active throughout the event.

Learning beyond the classroom

STEM Week is not just about learning in the classroom, but also extends to learning beyond the classroom. With various resources available, including recommended readings, documentaries, fun games, and quizzes, students who want to learn more about the theme can continue to explore and discover even after the event is over.

STEM Week 2023 was a fantastic opportunity for students to engage with STEM education in a fun and interactive manner. The theme of “Earth Shattering Events” challenged them to think creatively and critically. By using Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math to come up with solutions, students were able to develop important 21st-century skills that will help them not only succeed in school but also in any other environment. 

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