Science Day and Earth Day at Tesla Education

Tesla Education 20 Apr, 2022 10:43 am

Science and Technology Week events promote and encourage interest in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM), and communicate its relevance in everyday life. They provide opportunities for the Tesla community to participate and be inspired by Science and Technology engagement activities and the topics on which they are focused, the audience is hugely varied and suitable for people of all ages and abilities. The 2022 TESLA EDUCATION theme is “Science for the People: Innovation and Prosperity”. 

Science Day and Earth Day at Tesla Education

Science Day at Tesla Education

After many days of research and preparation, the “SCIENCE DAY” took place vibrantly at TESLA EDUCATION with the active participation of all students from Kindergarten to Grade 5. Students brought to the event a lot of projects, experiments and scientific products at 16 stations.

Grade 4 students investigated the rate of photosynthesis

G5 students calculated and graphed how much of each type of water is present on the planet using a water map

Science Day are not exhibits or mere displays of projects. Students presented their science project results in the form of a report, display board, and models that they have created. Science fairs allow students in Tesla school to compete in science. Moreover, the Science Dair is an opportunity for students of all ages to ask big questions, conduct meaningful research, make exciting discoveries, and apply the PYP inquiry process. 

Science Day and Earth Day at Tesla Education
How to compost with Grade 4 students
Science Day and Earth Day at Tesla Education
The ecosystem in a bottle

The love of science is not only nurtured through books but also from experiential activities. The application of Science – Technology in learning activities at TESLA helps students develop creativity, thinking skills and bring their learned knowledge into practice. The exploration and curiosity do not have to end once Tesla Science and Technology Week is over!

Lava Lamp experiment and Erupting lemon volcano experiment

Science Day and Earth Day at Tesla Education
Animals project
Science Day and Earth Day at Tesla Education
Build a pizza box solar oven - EDP
Science Day and Earth Day at Tesla Education
Pollinate like a bee experiment and observe the butterflies
Science Day and Earth Day at Tesla Education
Walking water and watching a plant drink Science experiments

Grade 1 students’ Universe project

Erosion and the rock layer investigation with Grade 2 students

Earth Day – Protecting our common home

EARTH DAY took place with numerous unique and memorable activities at Tesla School on 22 April. The children gave the day a lot of experiences and “green” products of their class. TESLA believes that Tesla’s community consensus will spread positive energy to everyone around us.

The projects offered lower elementary students hands-on experiences and opportunities to make observations while bringing together knowledge and skills from various subjects to produce products around the idea of taking action. The upper elementary grades were able to put their inquiry skills into practice in order to produce some amazing products, from board games, science experiments, to writing and producing their own songs. Their messages were delivered in a confident and exciting way.

Let’s practice a green lifestyle together and protect our “common house”!


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