Moon festival – Bonded by love

Tesla Education 6 Oct, 2023 11:34 am

Another memorable Moon Festival has come to the Tesla community. With the desire to spread the meaning of the Moon Festival and honor traditional cultural values, Tesla Education has actively prepared to welcome a joyful and experiential August full moon season. 

In the Moon festival feast decoration competition, the classes showcased their creativity through various unique, colorful, and meaningful decorations. The students confidently introduced their class’s feast to everyone.

And not to be missed in Tesla’s events, students from various grades brought lively and captivating performances. Early Years students were not only adorable but also confident in every dance step. Primary students presented lively songs and unique recycled fashion shows.

Moon festival - Bonded by love
Moon festival - Bonded by love

As for the Secondary students, they not only served as event MCs but also excelled in the play “The Tale of Mr. Cuội,” a group performance of the song “Ultraluminary,” and an electrifying drum performance. 

In particular, the lion dance and drumming, performed by Tesla students, brought complete joy to everyone during the Moon Festival. The applause was well-deserved recognition of their training efforts.

Moon festival - Bonded by love

The Moon Festival at Tesla Education also opened up a space for exciting traditional games. The students enthusiastically participated in making lanterns, bamboo flat winnowing baskets, piggy bank painting, fragrant mooncakes, and enjoyed blind man’s buff, tug of war, sack races, and more. 

The Moon Festival is not just a celebration for the students but has become a space for community bonding, blending traditional and modern cultures. The active participation and performances of the students have made the event a memorable day.

In its educational mission, Tesla Education always values Vietnamese cultural traditions. Through teaching activities and enjoyable experiences like the Moon Festival, the students gain understanding of the culture and national identity on the path to international integration. The event is also an opportunity to strengthen the bonds within the Tesla community. We hope that everyone had a joyful and happy Moon Festival! 

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