Brilliant Hawaiian Hullabaloo at Tesla Early Years Education

Tesla Education 28 Jul, 2022 2:41 pm

Inspired by the Hawaiian tropical island, teachers and students from Tesla Early Years Education have successfully organized the bright summer Hawaiian Hullabaloo Festival. Hawaiian Hullabaloo is also the theme of the sixth week at Tesla Summer Camp.

Brilliant Hawaiian Hullabaloo at Tesla Early Years Education

The pool of Tesla (Tan Binh Campus) was transformed into a beautiful Hawaiian island flanked by greenery, flowers and brilliant balloons. Opening the festival, the children brought vibrant dances like the bustling air of a real tropical sea. Even more adorable when every student wears a Hawaiian-style outfit.

The festive atmosphere became even more intense as games took place in the excitement of all students. Participating in team activities is an opportunity for children to become more confident, know how to share, cooperate, promote teamwork. When playing outdoors, children are not only relaxed but also better developed physically, promoting creativity and thinking.

Hawaiian Hullabaloo ended with a great buffet by the pool; students were free to choose their favorite food. They also enjoyed playing in the cool swimming pool water. Delighted laughter spread throughout the school. Hawaiian Hullabaloo closed with a bright smile on every student’s face.

Hawaiian Hullabaloo was also held by Tesla Early Years Education at Phu Nhuan campus. The students’ playground was turned into a vibrant, brightly colored tropical miniature island. In the bustling music, the children brought out their distinctive dances and delighted laughter when playing together.

Brilliant Hawaiian Hullabaloo at Tesla Early Years Education

A great summer at Tesla Early Years Education is where you get to experience a lot of good things, participate in thought development activities, learn how to share and practice your life skills. At the end of “Hawaiian Hullabaloo”, Tesla believed that the Early Years students had a lot of new experiences with teachers and friends at Tesla Summer Camp.


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