An exciting Halloween – “Mystery Pumpkin” at Tesla Early Years Education

Tesla Education 25 Oct, 2022 11:50 am

Last Friday (June 21, 2022), Tesla Early Years Education (Phu Nhuan Campus) was delighted to welcome children and parents to Halloween – “Mystery Pumpkin”. 

When we think of Halloween, we often think of creepy images, but when we set foot in the mysterious pumpkin land of Tesla, we were surprised by the space filled with Halloween colors and warm welcome activities. 

Halloween “Mystery Pumpkin” at Tesla Early Years Education 

The children were eager to dress up like their favorite characters: the little witch, the happy ghost, the funny skeleton, the handsome prince, the lovely princess, the superheroes, movable pumpkins, etc., to participate in the party. Each child has a unique look which helped to create a brilliant color for the Tesla Early Years Education Halloween party this year.

The much-anticipated Halloween performances and fashion show kicked off the festival. Children showed confidence in front of the crowd when performing well with vibrant music and enthusiastic cheers from their parents. The Halloween masks or make-up cannot hide the bright smiles on their faces.

Moreover, lots of exciting games and activities were explored and experienced by the children at the Tesla Early Years Education Halloween Party. Each play corner is a small challenge for the ingenuity and agility of the children. It is incredible when you all try your best and get excited in all the games.

Develop skills and knowledge for children through the Halloween project

Halloween “Mystery Pumpkin” is also the highlight of the Halloween project of the Early Years students. A series of activities to discover and experience in the past weeks has helped them better understand the traditional culture in Western countries and the humanistic meaning that this festival conveys. As a result, the children develop their creativity, communication, and fine motor skills, expanding their English vocabulary and becoming more courageous and confident. 

Each activity at Tesla Early Years Education is not only a playground but also an opportunity for children to learn and experience new things for their growing-up journey. Thank you very much to the parents and children for taking the time to participate in the event. Thank you to the teachers and staff of Tesla Education for organizing a lively, fun, and meaningful Halloween. 

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